Marine Corps All Purpose Liner

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In 2012 the All Purpose Liner was developed for the Marine Corps with NSN 8405-01-607-1111. The All Purpose Liner retains the same Woodland Digital (MARPAT) / Coyote reversible design as the standard Marpat Poncho Liner. The All Purpose Liner has a zipper originating in the center of one short edge of the liner and running up and around each of the long sides, with the top side being left open. This allows the All Purpose Liner to convert into a sleeping bag liner.

While the all purpose liner is reversible, the Woodland Digital (MARPAT) side has been treated with water-repellent for light wet conditions.

Originally designed to provide Marines with a lightweight, piece of equipment used as a covering or field blanket in any environment, the poncho liner provides additional comfort and warmth while involved in combat or field operations. The Poncho Liner is an extremely versatile and useful piece of camping, hiking or survival equipment.

Since they don't have a head hole in them, the wet weather poncho liners make a good recreational blanket. Another great trait of these Poncho Liners is they dry quickly and easily if they happen to get wet.

Besides using as a poncho liner, it can also be used for:

  • Blanket
  • A sleeping bag liner
  • Picnics or football game blankets
  • In your car trunk for emergencies

Measuring approximately 5 feet by 7 feet, these blanket-like covers are made of a rugged, lightweight Rip Stop Nylon that's woven in a tight Oxford Weave, has 100% Polyester batting, and is quilted for added strength and durability. It has a band of extra quilting along the width of the center for even more durability and features a rolled nylon edge binding, which prevents tattering or edge wear. At the corners and sides are tie strings which were originally designed to fasten the liner to the Military Issue Poncho. These are great for making an improvised sleeping bag, or tying the Poncho Liner to just about anything or anywhere you need.

Item Condition

Please use the quality guide below to help you understand the differences in quality offerings for this item:

  • New - These poncho liners appear to be brand new with crisp colors and no signs of wear.  However they are not in their original packaging and were stored amongst other poncho liners, so they may have a little bit of dust, dirt, or a slight smell to them.
  • Very Good - These poncho liners will show some signs of use possibly including general wear, slight fading, dirt, or writing.  The colors are still bright and they do not have any holes or rips.
  • Acceptable - These poncho liners will show heavier signs of use including faded colors, writing, dirt, or possibly a small rip in the fabric.  They will feel thinner than poncho liners in the new and very good conditions.
Woodland Digital (MARPAT)